The Challenge
Courtside West is an indoor tennis club like no other. Its retro aesthetics and the welcoming feeling you get sets them apart from the big clubs. During the summer, however, members usually prefer to play outdoors, leaving the courts empty during the hot season.
1. The Tennis Director in Courtside West, Damian Sancilio, is very respected in the community. He is perceived as a skilled player and a dedicated instructor that truly cares about his students' development.
2. Most tennis clubs have a tennis academy. However, parents often complain about the lack of commitment and/or experience of their instructors and the high fees they must pay.
The Solution
We focused on personal growth as the added value of Courtside West Tennis Academy. This is something that parents haven't been able to find anywhere else. During the summer, we plan to boost the academy with digital collateral  distributed through social media channels.
Strategy: Zachary Dekker, Miles Hopkins, Tara O'Donell, Juan Steck & Brian Vlient
Account Management: Tara O'Donell
Production: Juan Steck
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