The Doorways is a Richmond non-profit dedicated on free housing to medical patients treated in the area, relieving them of the economic and mental burden that figuring out housing and transportation can have so they can focus on healing and getting back on their feet. 
The Challenge
The Doorways does great work. Whenever they have a pitch to raise funds, they show all the appropriate stats and paperwork, but they are not getting the reaction they would hope for. ​​​​​​​
1. People understand the mission of The Doorways, but they are not aware of the impact the organization has on those who they serve. 
2. Staff goes above and beyond to guarantee you'll feel at home when staying there. They have a piano, a TV room, a beautiful library and smiles on their faces. Written reports fail to convey this added value. 
We developed 2 short format videos to show the life-changing service they are providing. And who better than those whose life they changed to tell the story.
Year: 2017
Strategy: Jan Crabble
Art Direction: Juan Steck 
Production. Juan Steck
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