Central Virginia Legal Aid Society focuses the majority of their activities on making sure everyone, no matter their situation, has access to proper legal counseling and representation. They developed the Virginia Farmworkers Program as an outreach program to inform migrant Farmworkers about their rights, which are often ignored by their employers.
The Challenge
The program is not well known. This doesn't only make fundraising a challenge, but also creates a safety issue for field agents.

The Solution
We created a log form video that would serve as their introduction to new communities they would work at, as well as digital collateral that clarifies  their mission to potential donors. 
Strategy: Ari Abad, Christianne Queiroz
Account Management :    Ari Abad 
Copywriting: Juan Steck
Art Direction: Juan Steck
Production: Kegham Hovsepian, Juan Steck
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